Peter and his mum at his wedding

Peter’s story

In 2014, Peter found a mole on his back while on holiday and as soon as he arrived home, he had it checked out. He was told he had a malignant melanoma, and it was contained for a few years. In late 2016, Peter became ill and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer – Havens Hospices supported Peter and his family throughout 2017. Peter died at home on 22nd November 2017 aged just 31

His mother Tina said, “He had been going to the Day Hospice at Fair Havens for about 9 months and he really enjoyed going there – at the Day Hospice there was so much he could do. He loved the food and was well looked after. He had reflexology and we once had an afternoon tea together there, which was lovely. He made some nice friends there and they looked after us as much as they looked after him”

In October 2017 Peter was admitted to the In Patient Unit at Fair Havens for symptom control; he and Jade spent their first anniversary there

“He came home on October 17th and we went for a meal for his birthday which was on the 29th October– he had to use a wheelchair and his sight was failing. He went for a scan on November 8th the results weren’t good.

“We celebrated Christmas on 19th November,” says Tina. “He didn’t want to pass away at Fair Havens – he wanted to be at home. On the 22nd November he died at home, and we were all with him.

“A lot of people from the hospice were involved in helping us then. It was overwhelming the care that was offered – not just for Peter, but for us as well.

“You never know when you’re going to need them. Everyone at Havens Hospices is fantastic. People should support this – you never know if or when your loved ones will need their help.”

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Published in 2019

You never know when you’re going to need them. Every one of the people at Havens Hospices is fantastic.