Arizona sat in wheelchair with care team member playing musical instrument

Arizona’s story

Deborah was 34 weeks pregnant when doctors predicted that her son Arizona may not survive birth and, if he did, he would be severely disabled.  

In 2019, Arizona was born with five brain abnormalities and diagnosed with multiple life-long conditions, which means he has significant physical and learning disabilities and relies on his parents, Deborah and Adam, for everything. 

Although his parents have been told Arizona is unlikely to be able to stand, crawl or walk on his own in the future, there is still hope and every chance he will be able to sit up on his own through intensive physiotherapy. 

Arizona and his family have been supported by Little Havens with respite and holistic therapies since 2021.  

Now three, Arizona is a joyful, determined little boy, who loves music, clapping along to rhythms and finds a lot of comfort in hearing his dad, Adam, play guitar to him. Mum, Deborah, explains how the hospice has become a safe haven for the family. “It’s a very special place where we feel safe and understood. And it’s the first place we’ve ever felt confident in leaving Arizona, because we know he’s in the hands of trained professionals who show genuine care and affection.  


“This respite is critical for our physical and mental wellbeing. We’ve also been able to access free counselling sessions from Little Havens’ in-house therapist, which are invaluable.  

“Arizona laughs and smiles so much when he goes to the hospice and the activities he does with the Care Team also help him to learn new skills while having fun. Like many others, before we came to Little Havens, we had this idea that children’s hospices were very solemn and sad places.  

“But it’s not like that at all, it’s a warm, joyful environment that’s full of life where we feel so happy taking Arizona.  

“Finding Little Havens truly has been life-changing.”  

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Published in 2022

Finding Little Havens truly has been life-changing.

Deborah, Arizona's Mum