Fair Havens patient Angela

Angela’s story

Angela's Story

“I’ve got the opportunity to be at Fair Havens for a few days before I die, and I’m going to shout from the rooftops about how wonderful this place and its people are.”

In July Angela decided to not have any more treatment for oesophageal cancer and to spend her final days at Fair Havens Hospice. Angela was born two roads up from the hospice, grew up in Westcliff, and stayed in a bedroom overlooking Chalkwell Avenue. Angela died at the hospice on 17th July 2019, aged 76.

Before she died, Angela – known as ‘The Sunflower Girl’ because of her love of the colour yellow – asked us to share her story with you.

“A nurse suggested I go into hospital because I had a persistent cough, but after so many months in and out for treatments and appointments, I refused. Having already visited Day Hospice, I knew that – if there was space – I’d like to spend the end of my life at Fair Havens.

“I received a wonderful phone call saying a room was available and I couldn’t believe my luck. The next day, I left my home and came here.

“Nothing has been too much trouble for the Care Team. One evening they brought me a gin, 7Up and ice on a white doily and silver platter. They said if they can, they’ll do anything they can to make me happy.

“I’ve been able to spend time down the seafront with the Nursing Assistants and my friends, even going into the water, watching the sun set at high tide – just like my childhood memories. I’ve sat in the garden next to the pond, watching the koi carp in the sunshine. The Creative Therapist Lizzie and Physiotherapist Jenna made me a small photo album tied with yellow ribbon of all the photos we took.

“The doctors have been wonderful, giving me as much choice as possible about my treatment. I’ve been able to say goodbye to all my friends, who can come at any time.

“This town is so lucky to have Fair Havens. I’ve never known kindness like it, from the Care Team here, within Day Hospice, the doctors and all the volunteers. Nothing has been too much trouble.

“I want this place to flourish and for more people to know about it. All this wonderful care is completely free of charge. I want people to please donate what they can to the new hospice so more people can have this experience at the end of their lives.”

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Published in 2019

This town is so lucky to have Fair Havens. I’ve never known kindness like it.