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Little Havens Care

We provide respite breaks, symptom control and end-of-life care to youngsters not expected to reach adulthood because of a life-limiting or life-threatening condition

Based in beautiful Thundersley meadowland, Little Havens Hospice, Essex, opened in 1998 as a result of the founders of Fair Havens Hospice identifying a need for children’s hospice care in Essex.

Little Havens nurse

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to emergency referrals. We can also offer respite in a child's own home. We couldn't do this without our dedicated multi-disciplinary team of care staff, nurses, doctors and volunteers.

You can find out more about our services by clicking the links below and if you would like to see Archie's story and find out how you can support the charity, please watch our Little Havens Hospice video!

Support and advice is offered throughout the journey of the child’s condition and after they have died through the Bereavement and Family Support Team. Although the charity was founded on a Christian ethos, care and support is given to families of all faiths or none.

It will cost £2.6 million this year to continue these unique and vital services which is entirely free of charge to all families, although donations are always welcomed.

Little Havens Hospice is part of Havens Hospices, which incorporates Fair Havens Hospice for adults in Southend.

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Professionals Open Day
Little Havens is opening its doors and inviting all professionals who may play a part in a life-limited child's care to visit the children's hospice.
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For Healthcare Professionals
This section of our website is designed to give Healthcare Professionals the information and contacts they require to enable them to work with Little Havens Hospice to provide the highest quality care for life-limited children and young people.
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Information for Patients, Families and Carers
Information for patients, families and carers is extremely important when making choices about care
Little Havens Film
Little Havens Film
Liz gives an emotional interview in the new Little Havens Hospice film
Harry's Story
Harry's Story
Read about how Little Havens has supported Harry and his family in living with a life-limiting illness.

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